Inga Olari appointed as new General Counsel and Managing Director at Avencia Digital

Avencia Digital Ltd. announced that Dr Inga Olari was appointed as a new General Counsel and Managing Director.

Inga Olari said: “I am honoured to take on the role of General Counsel and Managing Director, and I thank Avencia Digital for entrusting me with the responsibility. I look forward to working with a very talented and loyal team at the company to meet the company’s mission and business objectives. A key focus will be on making sure that Avencia Digital has the people, governance, technology and compliance culture to meet the FCA’s expectations and requirements and to foster a fair and transparent trading environment.”

Before joining Avencia Digital, Dr Inga Olari worked in several legal and business environments, including the Moldovan German Business Association (MDW), the World Bank Group, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and several law firms in London.

Inga holds a PhD in Law from Chung-Ang University, based in Seoul, South Korea. She is a licensed attorney-at-law in the Republic of Moldova. She is also deepening her knowledge at BPP University to obtain her solicitor’s license in London. Her excellent knowledge and combined experience in legal matters and project management within international environments and organisations make her a great asset to Avencia Digital Ltd.

About Avencia Digital Ltd

Avencia Digital is an OTC crypto exchange provider in the process of rolling out its trading platform. Avencia Digital provides institutional and retail traders with safe and secure exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Avencia Digital is a member of the UK’s Digital Asset Trade Association ‘Crypto UK’ and is committed to building a sustainable ecosystem to foster alternative investments and funding.

Avencia Digital is growing and there are lots of important things happening for us so we thought we would take this opportunity to rebrand ourselves, starting with a new logo design.

We wanted a logo that represents us as an institution in the crypto space but also the service we provide. With our new platform currently being developed that will allow institutional and retail traders to trade effortlessly via simple interface we thought that AV, the first two letters of Avencia represent the fluctuations in the market as the lines on the charts that lots of us are all used to seeing on a daily basis. It's the familiarity that drew us to this design, a familiarity that we can share with our valued customers, after all it is familiarity that gives us peace of mind.

We are excited for the future, here at Avencia things are moving fast and we are looking forward to soon sharing our coming news with you all, existing customers, new and future.

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Avencia Digital Joins CryptoUK

With crypto currencies still being a very new asset class, regulatory bodies around the world are deploying teams and task forces to try and catch up with the accelerating speed in which crypto currencies are being adopted and transacted with across the globe. Blockchain technology, the foundation on which crypto currencies are built on, is still very much in its infancy and could be compared to the likes of the internet during the 1990s.

Based on mutual objectives and goals, Avencia Digital decided to become a member of one of the UK’s leading crypto establishments, CryptoUK.

CryptoUK launched in early 2018 and quickly became the UK’s self-regulatory trade association representing the crypto/digital assets sector and offering a landscape where businesses, organisations and legislators work together to form a solid and safe infrastructure where everyone can benefit from the new and powerful technologies of crypto currencies and digital asset classes.

Avencia Digital Launched Comply Advantage Transaction Monitoring System

Worldwide adoption of crypto currencies is happening at a fast rate and with the total market capitalisation reached an all-time high of 2.46 trillion US Dollars in May of 2021. It goes without saying that the necessity for automated systems that can help regulate and monitor the sheer volume of financial transactions that aid the purchase of these digital assets is unprecedented.

Avencia Digital are proud to announce that we have partnered with Comply Advantage to assist us with our Financial Crime prevention obligations.

Comply Advantage are leading the industry when it comes to transaction monitoring and their products are at the fore front in identifying and mitigating the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and all other global financial crimes. Comply Advantage have won multiple awards for its innovation in technology including “The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 Awards for 2019”.

At Avencia we take risk and compliance extremely seriously, it is an integral part of who we are and what we do. Being open and transparent with our customers and fulfilling our obligations with regulatory bodies sits at the core values of our business, after all safety, protection of our customers' funds and prevention of financial crime should always be a top priority. Comply Advantage meticulously monitor millions of transactions every day and our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their funds are safe and Avencia Digital monitors against fraud and any illicit or suspicious activity.

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Avencia Digital Implements Chainalysis Digital Asset Tracing Solution to Fight Financial Crime

With our continued commitment to industry security and transparency, we have entered into an agreement with Chainalysis helping us at Avencia Digital to uphold the best integrity and market practices.

Chainalysis provides compliance and investigation software solution to banks and cryptoasset businesses worldwide to track digital assets to spot and flag suspicious patterns or illegal use of digital assets. Chainalysis is one of the most trusted vendors of cryptocurrency tracking solutions, and their services are used by regulatory and law enforcement authorities to help them fight financial crime and disrupt terrorist financing.

“At Avencia Digital, we believe we have a moral commitment to fight financial crime and disrupt any illegal activity besides the existing legal obligation. The implementation of such an advanced and trusted Digital Asset Tracking Software Solution which we use to monitor the transactions on the Blockchain is a proof of our commitment to our values and compliance with applicable industry standards and regulations” added Sergiu Sagaidac, Executive Director of Legal, Risk & Compliance at Avencia Digital.

Avencia Digital Launches its New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, along with a new look, we have included new features and posted more information in line with our transparency commitment. We also plan to include more features with the launch of additional services.

What’s New?

We have just made a complete overhaul of our previous website.

We have added the information about our FCA registration status, the Trading Terms & Conditions and our policies aiming to increase transparency and meet our values and commitments of transparency and compliance.

Last but not least, we have added a Newsroom to keep you informed of our latest developments, latest products, services, and events.

What’s Next?

The Trading Platform and Website integration for service registration via the website – in the coming months we will be adding some great features to our Website and new Trading Platform.

We hope the new look is more appealing. Please navigate around and feel free to contact us regarding your feedback or anything more that you may like to see from us. Any comments / suggestions or improvements, please contact us at

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